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Yoga in twickenham

Longevity Yoga

Longevity Yoga comprises different Yoga modalities which aims at improving health conditions, mental  wellbeing and promote healthy ageing. Join our small group classes in Twickenham.



I am a Senior Yoga Teacher from Yoga Alliance and certified yoga therapist from IAYT.
Yoga Therapy helped me to manage my Hypothyroidism and go smoothly through menopause. I am happy to share my knowledge and experience of Yoga Therapy with other people like me. What Yoga teaches us is to connect deeply to our true self , purify our mind from self-destructive tendencies and find a path to self-healing and self-realisation. Private and group Yoga classes adapted for beginners and people with chronic conditions are available in Twickenham Studio.



Group Beginners Classes in Twickenham

Whether you want to start Yoga classes or already practised it before this class will help you to feel comfortable and enjoy the practice in the group. Class comprice Kriya Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra. Beginners classes are available in Twickenham Exchange and Private Studio. Mon 5PM, Wed 7:00 PM, Th 7:00 PM

Group Therapy Classes

Awakening breathing practice of Kriya Yoga followed by Slow and gentle sequence for complete beginners focused on internal body alignment, breath, and body awareness. Finished with relaxation and a sound bath.

It helps to improve strength, flexibility and relaxes mind . Small group Yoga classes are available in a private Yoga studio in Twickenham or online.
Mon- Fri 2:00 PM

Private Sessions

Longevity Yoga Therapy is a bridge between modern science and Yoga. It is based on traditional Yoga Therapy practice and most recent modern medical knowledge to promote health and well being of any individual. The classes are available online or in private Yoga studio in twickenham

Restorative Yoga 
with Sound Bath

Practice of deep relaxation, aim to restore energy, restore natural alignment of the body and bring a sense of deep peace and profound rest after the class. An excellent finish of the working week. 

Friday 6:00pm - 6:45 pm,  every Friday of the month in private Twickenham studio or online

Yoga Class
Private Yoga Session
Morning light with Beautiful Attractive Asian woman practice yoga Dead Body or Savasana on
Outdoor Yoga Class in Twickenham

During Summer period and early Autumn we have several Saturday morning sessions in the open area. Please send your request and we will contact you as soon as we get a sufficient number of participants.

Outdoor Yoga Twickenham
Oline Sessions

Online lessons provide an excellent way to practice yoga under the guidance of an experienced teacher. While additional in-person sessions may be helpful for beginners, our online lessons offer a convenient and effective way to practice regularly. Dillaro will guide you thoughtfully, ensuring your comfort and steady progress

Portrait of a Senior Couple Doing Gymnastics and Yoga Stretching Exercises Together at Hom
Lotus Flower symbol of enlightenment
"Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodhah" - cessation of all mental fluctuations is Yoga . | Patjali Yoga Sutras


"After many years trying to find the right yoga and teacher for me I found Dillaro. Practising yoga with this wonderful woman has had a profound impact on my life. My husband and I attend virtually as many times as we can in the week. For the first time in our lives we are enjoying yoga. Dillaro is a committed Yogi. Her passion for her talent to teach yoga is evident in every class. Even though we have not seen her face to face in over a year she can deeply connect with us as she teaches her classes on line. Dillaro's yoga classes give me a clear vision, an hour of peace in the chaos of life. I find myself being more positive, calm and content.
Thank you Dillaro... please don't ever stop these classes."
Bhavana A.
“Great online yoga live classes. I am able to participate every day during the week. Dillaro notices everything and correct our posts for the maximum benefit of my body. I’ve only practiced for 6 months, already noticed increased core strength and improved balance. I particularly love the ending gratitude practice that often moves me to tears. I will recommend Dillaro yoga. Lily G from London"
Lily G.
"If you want a companion and friend in your yoga journey, I can think of no-one better than Dillaro. Dillaro has a deep love and interest in yoga and all of the physical, psychological and spiritual benefits that it offers. She has learned from many physical and spiritual teachings and brings them to her yoga. She has the experience to know what is helpful for different students, and for others what may even be harmful. She knows that she is not in a class to teach from the front but to help her students to learn – to understand their bodies better and to find their own inner wisdom and intelligence. Dillaro includes  some very helpful deep relaxation methods in her classes, and does it knowledgeably and lightly. Dillaro is always present in her teaching, sharing in the yoga experience and not reading from a script like so many yoga teachers. I highly recommend Dillaro. "
Koy T.
"I have been attending Dillaro's yoga classes online for several months now and have seen great improvement in my flexibility, strength, and posture. Dillaro provides classes that focus not only on the physical aspects of yoga, but on the breathing and mental aspects as well, which I have found truly beneficial. She is a wonderful yoga teacher. I look forward to her classes every week. "
Amanda Z. USA
"Dillaro strikes a perfect balance in her classes between the physical and the mental aspects of yoga. Dillaro's yoga classes are always challenging, yet one is never made to feel inadequate as she praises, encourages and celebrates what the individual is able to achieve, regardless of whether or not it is ‘perfect’. Dillaro, as a teacher, has a quiet, calm approach which inspires confidence. Dillaro explanations are clear and concise. She combines teaching strategies which ensure that her classes are a success: she models what she expects us to learn and provides opportunity for the practice of new skills. Thank you Dillaro!! "
Kay L.
"I know Dillaro since October 2016, she is my first Yoga teacher and I still enjoy every her lesson. We become good friends and thank’ s to her teaching I have better understanding of Yoga and love to practice it more and more"
Kristine B.
"I have been learning Yoga with Dillaro since 2013. Her teaching style is exceptional, as she is able to teach Yoga to any student with different abilities and preparation, incorporate in the lessons both practice of Asanas and Meditation. As a person she is clearly committed to teaching of highest standards and integrity " 
Siew F C.

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