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Yoga Teacher Dillaro Salim

I have been teaching traditional Himalayan Hatha Yoga, Meditation and Prana Kriya Yoga and Self-study for a decade and have studied these disciplines with my dear teacher Yogi Ashokananda, a true Yoga Master . We still have close contact and I continue to learn from him these authentic practices. As my teacher is always saying we need to set the foundation for spirtual grouth and for this the regular Yoga practice is important. It is also very important the teacher with whom you set the foundations. Most profound practice whihc I learnd from Yogi JI is Atma Kriya Meditation. It is truly tranformative practice which leads you to your deeper self, pure bliss.

Later in life I decided to learn Yoga Science deeper and continued my Yoga journey  in The Parmanand Yoga Institute of Yoga Science and Research led by a very spiritual person and knowledgeable scholar Dr Omamand Guruji.

I continue to learn Yoga Science from Dr Omanand Guruji and am very grateful for this chance to learn it from him directly Yoga Phylosophy and Yoga Therapy. He translated many many sentient scriptures from Sanskrit and learned directly from Swami Paramanand Giri ji Maharaj. The knowledge which I got in this school is not limited to Yoga Therapy it also had a very great impact on my personal development, as a person and as a Yoga Therapist.
Yoga Therapy helped me to manage my Hypothyroidism and go smoothly throgh menopouse. I would be happy to share my knowledge and experience of Yoga Therapy with other people like me. What Yoga teaches us is that the main suffering comes from our mind. And this suffering leads to disease. By calming our mind we can reduce our suffering and prevent disease.

Yoga Therapy has a holistic approach and comprises Mental Attitude, Life style, Healthy Diet, Asana Practice, Pranayama, Purification practice, meditations, relaxation and other modalities which can improve chronic conditions and quality of life in later age. 

If you find life dificult and have does not know what to do to be happy, Yoga has answer on this questions becaouse people had the same questions many years ago as well. Taking the knowldge which was transfered to me by my teachers and personal experience of wife we can find solution together to your problem. 

At he moment there are several group and private Yoga Therapy classes and beginners classes are avilable in Twickenham Exchange and in in Private Yoga studio.

Beginners Yoga in Twickenham
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