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Yoga Teacher Journey

My Journey as Yoga Teacher started very unexpectedly for me. I arrived in London in 2012 and felt the hectic, dynamic and almost mechanical life of this incredible City. People were running and rushing somewhere, never looking into your eyes, busy talking by phone, never present in the moment. I became friends with some of these people and understood that they are living under constant stress and pressure. I truly wanted to help them and share with them my knowledge of Meditation and Yoga which I learned during past years. However, to practice Meditation or Yoga and teach it, is a different story. This is how I stepped into the path of Teacher of Meditation and Yoga and met Master Yogi Ashokananda, who is guiding me on this journey

Most important thing which I learned is that Teaching of Yoga or Mediation requires stability, openness and capacity to shear energy and love with others which is only possible if one is connected with himself. The first step on the way to connect with myself was to face many obstacles such as fears, worries, insecurity, and different psychological , mental and physical limits. This process started with pain, anger and tears, which I also observed in other students of Yoga Teacher program. Teaching Yoga motivated me to improve, to free myself from false projections which I got about myself in life. Regular practice of Yoga, Meditation and self-study helped to find my inner truth and essential internal freedom, stability and energy which I try to transmit to others during lessons.

​​​Now I understand that  a journey of yoga teaching starts from self-study and self-connection. There is no such thing as teaching yoga but sharing your love and helping other people find their true self. “As soon as you say I am a Yoga Teacher you put yourself above others and this act itself brings you further away from yoga” - Yogi Ashokananda. Basically, anything what you do from your heart to help people is yoga teaching. We all do it as we can, somebody helps his friends, elderly parents, somebody spends Christmas night helping homeless people. When I meet these people, they teach me yoga more than anatomy manual or asana book. 

Constant self-development, connection to yourself and kindness, this is what important to start journey of yoga teaching.

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